Mental/physical health

Is mental health going to be given the same status as physical health? That is the question of the week in my eyes.
I am asthmatic and therefore use an inhaler on occasion. My asthma has improved dramatically but I still am prescribed an inhaler and my peak flow is continually monitored and I see an asthma nurse.
On the other hand I am also bi-polar and although I have a better toolkit & do my best to manage my illness I now have no specialised mental health support. I will always have bi-polar but the fact that I know that I need regular support from a CPN and to be able to talk regularly to someone seems not to matter and I will probably only get help again when I next have a crisis.
I cannot see how this is fair, right for patients or cost effective – surely treating me & ensuring I am less likely to reach crisis is more sensible & the best course of action.
My GP agrees with me and is currently offering me a double appointment every fortnight to try and fill the gap left by my discharge from services. This is not a suitable option but she is doing what she can.
It seems there is a long way to go before mental health is given the same status as physical health – I can’t see asthmatics losing their inhalers or diabetics losing insulin – can you?
I am going to make this a priority campaign and hope to hear from people like me or organisations that have evidence of this.


One thought on “Mental/physical health

  1. I’ve encountered all kinds of disorganisation and had to fight hard for treatment (whilst symptomatic) – mixed states were my worst problem and ultradian cycling. CMHN refused to believe I was in suicidal crisis and brushed away lithium blood results that were way below effective level. So I said I couldn’t work with him. I was told i’d have a replacement. I waited 8 weeks with no communication from cmht and went from crisis to crisis. Three letters to Psychiatrist from med professionals (X2 from GP X1 from cpn at neighbouring trust) were sent with no feedback. I negotiated upping lithium dose with GP (I had to educated myself living was almost impossible), so without psych authority he did, it eventually worked. Then I got my cmhn replacement, a social worker fresh off a 3 month bridging course. He thought he was Sigmund Freud, – gave me a 2 and a half hour (without break) session with just his monologue , had no clue where he was coming from and found it most distressing. He advised me to come off my lithium and go to 2nd year FE college students for counselling (don’t worry I didn’t). Reported this to psych who said an investigation would take place and I’d get a report copy. Never happened.

    Advocacy (a new and better one) said they could follow it up. In a quandry do I stress myself out expecting justice that never comes or sit guilty thinking of all the other patients he will tell to come off their meds. I don’t know.

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