A pretty perfect weekend – despite the broken boiler!

It has been so wonderful to have such a lovely weekend, one where I have also felt pretty well and pretty ‘steady’. After such a difficult few months I was able to enjoy such great events and not be too pre-occupied by symptoms of bipolar. The biggest thing for me recently has been paranoia which can mean that I am heading for a depression or a hypo manic episode – this is very scary and so I was relieved to have some respite from these symptoms.
Last Thursday evening our CO2 alarm at home sounded which straight away I knew wasn’t just a battery warning! After various visits from gas and boiler experts we have a condemned boiler so now working our way through the world of quotes and trying to get to grips with technical facts!
Instead of stressing me out I took this in my stride and thanked God for our alarm.
On Saturday I took my Brownies to the Science Museum. It was fantastic and they were a pleasure to take out for the day. We had lots of laughs and learnt so much. What made it even more special was meeting one of my best friends who lives in Oxford who had brought her Brownie pack with her as well – it was just a great day. Volunteering gives me such a boost and helps with my self esteem and also I enjoy it so much.
After an exhausting trip to London normally I would run a warm bath and relax for the evening but last night was my sister in law’s 30th Birthday Party back in London. It was absolutely fantastic and wonderful to catch up with people, have a good dance and generally let my hair down. I am so pleased that I felt pretty well and that I could enjoy myself.
Today I made it to church which provided me with some quiet and time for reflection and then my husband and I went out for Sunday lunch – much warmer in a pub than our house at the moment!
I am feeling tired but contented and very blessed and hope I can take this positivity into next week and beyond.


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