It’s a WRAP!

I thought I would write a blog about my Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) as this has been a great help to me and although it isn’t for everyone it might help people to read about mine! I also find that it reinforces mine to myself and than can only be a good thing.
Mine might not be the method everyone uses but it is one way:

Wellness Tools:
(Activities I enjoy or that help me feel better)

Spending time with husband & family
Talking to Friends/Socialising
Going to Church
Keeping a routine
Using my light box
Watching things on TV I enjoy
Listen to music
Doing things I know I can do
Write a blog
Chat on Twitter

Daily Maintenance Plan:
(Things I should try and do everyday)

Keeping a routine
Eating 3 meals a day
Getting some rest
Taking regular breaks at work
Resting at home everyday
Reading for 1/2 hour everyday
Have a shower
Do something I enjoy
Keep my mind active
Get out of bed everyday

(Identifying those triggers or events that might make me feel worse)

Emotional events
Seeing people that may of caused me distress in the past
Skipping meals
Too much stress at work
Spending too much time alone

If any of these triggers occur I try and implement an action plan:
I try and stick to my daily maintenance plan
Call someone on my support list
Practice mindfulness

Early Warning Signs:
(Subtle signs that I may becoming unwell)

Not sleeping more than about 4 hours
Slight paranoia
Anxiety in certain situations
Becoming very low
Spending too much money
Racing thoughts

If I notice these signs I then try and implement an action plan:
Ask for some help from support list to implement daily maintenance plan
Ask people for help and support
Try to have company where possible
Start using PRN – probably promethazine

When things are getting worse:
(What signs I should look out for when I am feeling much worse)

Wanting to sleep all day but not able to sleep at night
Anxiety getting worse & shaking some of the time
Not eating at all without prompting
Having thoughts of suicide
Hearing or seeing things that others can’t
Paranoia so bad that I can’t leave the house easily

If these signs are present then again I try and implement an action plan:
Call GP
Think about implementing crisis plan
Try and ensure I am not on my own
Talk with people who are able to offer support
Think about taking Diazepam to control symptoms
Talk to work about implementing flexible working

Crisis Plan:
Ensure that GP is involved at this stage and in discussion with me consider contacting CMHT.
Ensure I have medication to help with symptoms
Attend A&E as a last resort but ask for help from support network.
Ask for support in monitoring PRN so that I am safe
Identifying where on the scale my suicidal thoughts are.
Carry my WRAP & care plan from GP with me to show to other professionals I might meet.

This is my WRAP that works for me and helps me to feel more in control which I find really important. I constantly re-visit this WRAP and share its contents with those involved in my care. It has also proved useful at work to ensure I am supported correctly.


3 thoughts on “It’s a WRAP!

  1. The words that stand out for me from your blog are “support list.” How I wish that my cared for would accept that she has family & friends out there willing & able to take on that role. How do you help someone who refuses to accept help?

    1. You can only be there and hope that she finds the help that is right for her. There are no easy answers and this is written from my own personal perspective.

  2. Hi Kat – this is such a great plan! We should all do this… Not sure where I’d start, but yours looks so sensible and well thought through. Am sure it’ll really help keep you happy and healthy in the future. X

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