Part of response from @Newsshopper regarding inappropiate picture

I am afraid that we do not remove or amend stories purely on the basis that a reader has requested us to do so.

As with all editorial decisions, a great deal of discussion and consideration goes into deciding which details we should include and omit from our articles.

Based on the fact the lady in question could not be identified in the photo and that the story had a positive conclusion, we felt the decision to include a photo was the right one. 

The image helps paint a picture of an event which caused a huge amount of interest, inconvenience and indeed concern for thousands of readers in the local area. If we did not cover such an event in a such a comprehensive manner we would be failing in our role as journalists.

With regards to your reference to the Samaritans’ code of conduct for journalists, editor Andrew Parkes has been in ongoing discussions with the charity about this code.


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