Still waiting – even in a crisis

Eventually called GP today as not heard anything from mental health team. I asked the receptionist to confirm that the urgent letter of referral had been sent and she was very helpful and said it had been faxed on Friday and sent in post.
She said that no one could chase till Friday which is pretty ridiculous as I am sure someone could. Even by saying the word ‘crisis’ made no difference. I can’t really fault the lady I spoke to – she did in fact get the fact that I needed to see one of 2 GP’s I know well which at the moment is so vital – I can’t see just anyone. However no appointments available. I can call back Friday – might only be 2 days but that us 42 hours of hell as only sleeping 3 hours a night! I can also go to accident and emergency – no thank you!
Oh and ironically I am supposed to be attending an induction as a Governor in at the same Health Trust that I am waiting to hear from on Monday – I wonder what will happen when/if the 2 areas of the Trust realise this?


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