A care update – over 1 month on from first referral

I may of mentioned that I received a letter from mental health trust referring me back to the team I was in before discharge in May. The problem is they allocated me to a male care coordinator when my notes clearly state to allocate me to a female. I therefore decided to request that maybe I could be allocated to the female care worker I saw at my assessment over 2 weeks ago as their mistake meant that I could ask this. I believe that consistency is vital and I am pleased to say that my request has been agreed and so now waiting for an appointment to see her.
I think this is so positive and whilst I am always ready to point out mistakes I am also happy to praise excellent care and common sense.
I think I am going to need the appointment soon as weekend wiped me out and have some worrying symptoms back. This week will also be tough as work Christmas party week.
One hour at a time comes to mind …


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