Fighting this with all I have got.

When I wake up each morning I seem to still have this constant battle with the depression which can sometimes last quite a while. The depression wants me to stay where I am – give in to the thoughts & feelings but I know I need to get up and battle through. So as I have each day I have got up and done what I planned – maybe slower than usual but getting through the day even if I take 10 mins at a time.
Today was no different and my friend had treated me to a trip up the shard. With anxiety like mine this was no mean feat but I was with someone who knows me very well and therefore gave me the confidence to go and it was so worth it. We then had a lovely walk around the South Bank Christmas market and some mulled wine – to help my sore throat of course!
I am pleased I did it – tomorrow might be quieter! Keep fighting the depression has really been my motto this week.


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