Progress on the support – but very slow…

Last week I updated on my care or lack of it during a recent episode. I have now been offered my 1st appointment with a care coordinator (not including assessment) since I was referred in a crisis by my GP 2 months ago. The only other option I was offered during this time was accident and emergency and my blog on this trip says all that needs to be said about this option.
I have also been told that I will only be back in the system for a very short time before I get discharged again. I am on the whole ok with this as long as it doesn’t take another 2 months to get back in the system next time but unfortunately the system doesn’t work like this.
I will see what the appointment on 23rd December has to offer.
Another conversation I had this week with fellow governors was about how so many appointments are now about tick boxes and the fact there is no individuality to them. It seems to be ok in the minds of health care managers that ensuring the patient has a care plan, has been asked about medication, has a crisis card and knows when their next appointment is what constitutes a successful/excellent appointment. My view is that whilst these things are important they shouldn’t form the basis of any appointment and the focus needs to shift dramatically for a better patient experience. Would welcome people’s views on this subject.


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