The big sing!

Some of you may know I sing in a choir at Church. When I am really depressed I lose the ability to sing and also my anxiety prevents me from being too exposed so singing is very hard.
At Christmas I love singing at Church and so have been pleased that I have improved enough to even consider singing over Christmas.
Today was the choir service where we sing about 5 pieces along with some hymns and I am thrilled to report that I did it! I managed to sit up the front (with a seat on the end and out of view in case I needed a quick exit!) At times it was really tough but this was a massive achievement and it was lovely to speak to people afterwards that knew that.
The only down side is I had a very sore throat (now even worse) and so couldn’t sing my best but this went a long way to improve my self esteem.
Let’s hope this is the start of my faith returning too .


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