This Crisis Care just keeps getting worse ….

Last night one of the things I asked for at A and E was some more medication as the only thing that is really giving me any respite from the anxiety/paranoia is diazepam. I only keep a very small number of these as when I am well I might only take 2mg every couple of weeks or even less than that. When I called my GP last Wednesday she asked me what meds I had and if I had enough to take 5-6mg per day until yesterday as by then we hoped that the Mental Health Team support would be in place. Obviously by last night I was running low and now I only have 4 mg left.
Last night at A and E I explained this and the MH worker who I saw wrote down how much I was taking currently and that I needed some more. This wasn’t though passed on to the Home Treatment Team and so when I turned up today they knew nothing about it.
The other very weird thing is that they said they have no doctors within HTT over the weekend and therefore can only rely on the duty doctors on the psychiatrist wards in the same building. They did ask her to prescribe but because the mental health team aren’t my main carer’s there is no record of prescribing diazepam in the last 6 months because my GP does this.
I am pretty disgusted by this and just as I had found a small amount of stability I am putting this in jeopardy. My friend who was with me last has confirmed that we asked for the medication however the HTT even questioned this as well today. As a governor of the trust where I am trying to access support this completely baffles me and I am starting to feel that I am being targeted in someway although I realise that paranoia is so bad that I need to keep these thoughts to one side.
I am seeing the HTT tomorrow afternoon as having the contact and support is a valuable part of the support that I need but I am worried about coping till Monday with less medication.


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