Do I make a formal complaint or not? Would welcome comments!

Over the past week I have experienced and been on the receiving end of some pretty abysmal care. The list of things that I feel I would be justified to complain about are:
*Having to wait 48 hours to receive a call after my GP highlighted to services I was in crisis.
*Being offered an appointment with Crisis team only to be told 5 mins later that I had to see my care co-ordinator first at a different location that I couldn’t physically get to.
*I then had no choice but to make the distressing trip to A and E where even though I was seen by triage quickly I waited 4 hours to be seen by the mental health team.
*When we were seen I was asked where I had been as I had been apparently called an hour and a half earlier. We hadn’t moved the entire time and proof of that would be on CCTV. We weren’t believed at the time though.
*One of the things I needed was more diazepam which I requested at the initial assessment but this wasn’t passed on to the crisis team who I was referred on to.
*At my 2nd Crisis team appointment over the weekend a lone male came to see me when it clearly says in my notes that a female must be present.
*I was refused Diazepam that I had been promised even though it is on my care plan.
*When I asked to see a doctor about this this carried out a conversation in public in reception.

I also have seen some excellent examples of our NHS which give me hope and also need to be written about:
*My GP has been absolutely fantastic and kept in contact throughout, supported me and also the doctors receptionists have gone beyond the call of duty.
*At A and E the pre-triage nurse was absolutely brilliant and ensured the triage nurse saw me very quickly even if the mental health team then kept me waiting.
*I have now had 2 excellent crisis team appointments and the staff have really supported me and finally I am getting some support.

So whether I make a complaint is my next dilemma. I am a governor of the trust so don’t want to be a trouble maker but I think it is important for me to highlight the mistakes, and the excellent examples of care. I am thinking of complaining just about the points I can prove as I always get upset when it is my word against a professionals and obviously I am never believed.
Whatever I do I want it to be constructive and ensure it makes a difference.


One thought on “Do I make a formal complaint or not? Would welcome comments!

  1. Yes I definitely think you should… but be careful of the affect that it might have on you mentally in doing so, and if it would help, maybe get the help of an advocate.

    You don’t deserve this, nobody does and nobody should be treated this way xx

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