A blog for World Bipolar Awareness Day

So today it is Bipolar awareness day. As I sit here writing this I am once again battling to recover from a bad episode, strangely not like any other I have had before.
If I am honest probably most of my episodes are different in some way to the one before and I don’t mean just either depressive or hypomanic. Within each state of Bipolar I can experience different symptoms, for different lengths of time and each time I may learn new ways to cope or learn something new about myself but all in all they are just plain awful.
During the past year one thing has really changed for me – I have started to talk more about my experience of Bipolar, not just on twitter and through my blog but with my family, friends, at church and at work.
One thing I have learnt through this is how different everyone’s own experiences of mental illness are and that talking on twitter has shown me how everyone with Bipolar also has their own very individual experiences, symptoms and ways of ‘coping’. If only some health care professionals also had this insight too!
As far as people outside of twitter go I have talked to so many people who really didn’t know what was wrong and who might not completely understand but have shown so much support. Other people have been keen to share their experiences of family members with mental illnesses and have told me how they appreciated me talking to them about my experiences. Obviously I have had negative conversations and negative encounters and yes they still hurt so much and hopefully in the next year I can carry on working to combat mental health stigma for myself and others.
At the moment the battle goes on! I am struggling to ride the roller coaster but I know it will change however long it takes as it is so unpredictable.
I send my love, support and solidarity to those living with bipolar and other mental illnesses and I especially thank twitter for the welcome and support during the past year.


2 thoughts on “A blog for World Bipolar Awareness Day

  1. Hi. Thanks for what you are doing to combat this awful stigma. I met someone on Friday who I had not seen since my illness last April. He hopped back and forth from one foot to the other so obviously keen to get away and not get involved in conversation. The worst thing was he was fine with my partner. It might be that I am reading something into this that is not there but it will take a while to forget the encounter. I agree every episode is different. This last one of mine has included chronic insomnia despite being on Quetiapine which normally knocks me out. The first time this has happened since 2008. Now I have to wean myself off Zopiclone. In the words of my psychiatrist ‘just keep striving’. This is what we have to do, strive to face the challenge this illness presents to us.

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