GP back in the driving seat!

So today I went to see my GP and it was my first contact with a professional since I was so abruptly discharged over a week ago. I have really missed the support of the HTT who I saw 10 days ago and my appointment last Wednesday with my so called care coordinator was the shortest ever and certainly not a therapeutic help.
My GP was obviously surprised to hear I had been discharged and hadn’t been informed that she was now the main point of contact for someone with bipolar, just out of crisis and who had been under the HTT team only 10 days ago in the midst of a bipolar episode. She was though professional and straight away confirmed that she could see me fortnightly and also if I used the email system it would be picked up and then someone would act on it.
She also checked again with me the crisis plan and I was as always impressed with her knowledge of mental health, her trust in me as a patient and also reassurance as she knows I am very anxious about my illness and the lack of support.
Today has given me some reassurance that I was in desperate need of however it isn’t really what I know I need but it has helped me as I am less anxious than I was last night.
I now feel in a position to write to the trust about my care. It is vital to give praise where I received good care but also highlight the very damaging incidences that affected my safety and well being during the recent episode.


One thought on “GP back in the driving seat!

  1. Glad to hear of your brill GP, mine is also a star, nothing more she can really do after sending referrals through to psychiatrist (who tried to discharge me), personality disorder centre (who diagnosed me with avoidant personality disorder and then said I was unsuitable for therapy) and psychology (9 month waiting list for assessment)… The system is a joke!
    Hope things get better for you lovely xx

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