Walking with God through all of this

I don’t blog much about my faith but I probably should! I am a member and Elder of the United Reformed Church – a fairly traditional Church with sprouts of modernism through music and prayer and a passion for the local community in which we serve.
I am very involved and have a very strong faith (or so I thought). God goes everywhere with me. Praying to God is a wonderful conversation – a gift I have been given, a comfort in times of need but also in times of joy.
I have support at the Church however at the moment the minister is away and some people involved in pastoral care still have an archaic attitude towards mental health and I sadly feel quite alone at the moment. On top of this I am struggling with my faith – the old questions that I can usually battle like ‘why does God let me become ill’ and ‘where is God at the moment’
I often read the ‘Footsteps’ poem and try to reassure myself that God is carrying me through these times.
A friend today sent me a lovely email and used the parable of the mustard seed to show that it doesn’t matter how small faith is it has the opportunity to grow and I will hang onto that.
God bless all those in need x


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