When I thought things couldn’t get much worse!

So after a pretty difficult week I went to bed on Thursday night absolutely exhausted. I am trying to take Zopiclone 2 out of every 3 nights which isn’t always easy to judge but on Thursday I was sufficiently tired and also had taken some diazepam later than normal so I gave it a go without.
I went to bed about 10.30 and actually was asleep by 11 ish and my husband followed shortly afterwards. About 1.15am I was woken by a terrific noise which woke me in a panic but because I am unwell and my hearing is distorted and sometimes I hear things that are not real I had no idea if this was an actual noise.
I went downstairs but didn’t put any lights on, all doors were shut so I went back to bed. I knew deep down though that something wasn’t right and I therefore couldn’t get back to sleep.
In the morning my husband went downstairs as I had told him about what I thought I heard and he discovered that the front door was badly damaged and that we had obviously been lucky that someone had not got in.
This obviously has done nothing to help my state of mind or anxiety but I can’t praise the police enough. They came to see us and were so sensitive to how unwell I was and also as reassuring as they could be.
As I sit typing this my husband and father in law are installing more security lighting and ensuring we are as secure as we can be.
Over the past few years I have worked very hard to ensure that I feel as safe as I can do in my own home and that is vital to my recovery as well as something I need to be maintained when I am well.
Hopefully this won’t knock me too far back but I am hoping the nights will start to improve a bit soon.


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