Why oh why do mental health trusts not read people’s notes?

So on Friday I receive a letter confirming that I have been referred back to the mental health team that I was discharged from in May – no surprise there!
2 things I want to highlight – firstly if I hadn’t been discharged in the first place I would have had a care coordinator who could have seen me and helped me from the moment I needed it. Instead I had no support throughout the hypomanic phase or the severe depressive phase. I saw 1 mental health professional during the whole time. Without this support I feel that it was so much harder for me to deal with and put extra unnecessary pressure on my family and friends.
Secondly the letter I was sent allocated me to a male care coordinator when it says very clearly in my notes that I must not be given an appointment with a male and that male psychiatrists will need a female to be present. I find it staggering and disappointing that after so many years I have to go through this every time – it only adds to my distress and the waiting.
So now I have a dilemma – do I take an a appointment with a female care coordinator when they correct the mistake and send me one. If I do they are likely to discharge me before I might have another episode so why delay the inevitable – have to get used to another healthcare professional etc … Or should I meet with them once, explain that the system doesn’t work for my needs, let them tell me they can only offer short term intervention and discharge myself and therefore stay in control of my care.
I really can’t make up my mind.


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