Christmas and all that it brings

So Christmas is over for another year. We have the ‘excitement’ of New Year to come but we have decided to stay in with a meal and bottle of wine!
I often dread Christmas – partly due to very bad Christmas memories from my childhood/early adulthood but also I find it so hard when I haven’t been well or have had a difficult lead up to Christmas. I worry about letting people down, not being cheerful enough and generally being a total misery and being in situations that increase anxiety or that are too emotional.
In the last few years I have worked hard to build new memories – Christmas to me is important because of my faith and using that as a basis that everything else stems from has seemed to work. I love the services at Christmas and the time spent with family and friends at my pace is so special. I have just spent my 11th Christmas with my husband ( the 5th as husband and wife) and we have those memories to share together now. Whilst it isn’t always easy and this year certainly was hard in places I can take memories from the last week and treasure them to help in future years.
One important thing is that God was with me and after struggling with my faith over the last few months I am feeling his presence again now. I thank God for this and for those who are journeying with me.


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