A Rising Panic …

After 2 weeks off work which have contained a lot of good times and also given me a chance to really rest, I am tonight panicking about returning to work on Monday. Not only have I had 2 whole weeks off but I am going back full time after over a month on reduced hours due to a depressive episode.
I am therefore trying to do the following things to try and stop the panic, as one thing I do know for sure is that going in on Monday having got myself in to a state won’t help me in anyway at all.
1. I have reminded myself that I can do my job! The situation has been horrendous at work but it is improving and slowly more support is in place.
2. I am reminding myself that I am in a much better place mentally than I was even 2 weeks ago. The break has certainly done me good in that respect.
3. I can be reassured that I am on hardly any PRN medication now so therefore it will be easier for me to work longer hours and concentrate better.
4. I have double checked that I have a doctors appointment in place so that if I need more support or need to look at my hours again I have that safety net setup already.
5. I have organised a lot of home things so that I am up to date with household and other jobs so that I can rest when I get home from work more as I will be tired.
6. I have been setting a alarm for the last few mornings to slowly prepare for Monday. Mornings have been very difficult for me recently and the depression has often been unbearable first thing and so being unprepared for next week isn’t sensible.
7. Most importantly I have to keep reminding myself to just take a day at a time – in order to be well on Monday I need to stay well today – that is what I am trying to hold on to.


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